Getting Started

Congratulations on setting up your PayBee account!

You can now set up campaigns or channels for fundraising like tickets, auctions, general donations, etc to start with and then your in-person, virtual or hybrid event if you're hosting one.

  1. To start creating Campaigns, tap on Campaigns on the side menu and then tap on New Campaign. You can then select the kind of campaign you'd like to create, select the various applicable settings and options associated with your campaign. You can read more here. If you're only setting up a Silent Auction, follow this guide.

  2. If you are hosting an Event, tap on Manage > Events on the side menu, tap on New Event, choose the type of event you'd like to set up and share the event links if necessary. Follow the in-person, virtual or hybrid guides for more information. Create and share an Event Landing Page if you'd like where you can connect your campaigns. Tap here to see an example of an event page. You may also choose to share your campaign links or QR codes individually instead.

If you have any questions, please reach out to

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