Virtual Event Summary

High level overview of funds raised, guest list and invitations

The following information is available on this page:

Virtual Event Report

Navigate to Manage > Events and select the ... under your Virtual Event. Select Virtual Event Report there.

The three tabs will give you more details about your event At a Glance, Attendees, and Invitations.

At a Glance

Get a quick live updated total of donations in pledges and processed. Also, see the breakdown of donations across your event.


Get all information about your guests. See pending carts and make edits and send out pending pledge reminders.

Sending Out Event Reminders

Navigate to Manage > Events click on the ... button under the Virtual Event then tap on Virtual Event Report and go to the Attendees tab.

Select the Reminder button on the right and choose Event Join to send event reminders to all attendees on this list. We recommend sending out three reminders:

  • 24 hours before the event

  • 4 hours before the event

  • 1 hour before the event.

Also, download the event chat history.


Keep track of invitations and their opens/accepted/declined and, bounced. Send out reminders to those who haven't responded with one click.

Post Event Playback

You have the option to leave your event open so guests can go back and view your event. We recommend having the Donate button turned on here, so they can donate!

  1. Ask your producer to confirm that the event video is embedded.

  2. The Event should stay in Start Mode from the Run Screen.

  3. Share the Event Join Link with your audience.

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