In-Person Event Summary

The following information is available on this page:

In-Person Event Report

Navigate to Manage > Events and select the ... under your In-Person Event. Select the In-Person Event Report there.

The three tabs in the In-Person Event Report will give you more details about your event at a glance, attendees, and paddles.

At a Glance

Get a quick live updated total of donations in pledges and processed. Also, see the breakdown of donations across your event. During your event, if you have assigned attendees to tables on PayBee you will also be able to see the pending carts arranged by Table Number if you click on the Pending Carts by Table button.


From the Attendees tab, you can see your guests' names, email, paddle numbers, table numbers, and carts. You are also able to see how much is pending for each guest, the amount the guest has donated if they have been checked in, and a link to their cart. From this report, you can make edits and send out pending pledge reminders.


You can automatically assign paddles to all guests by clicking on the Assign Paddle to all button, once you have assigned paddles to preview and download the paddles for printing you have to click the Preview and Download Paddles button, you are also able to print table card by clicking on the green Preview and Download Table Cards button.

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