In-Person Event Guide

Host your in-person event on PayBee. We provide end to end technology to address all your event needs.

Setting Up Your Event and Campaigns

1. Create Tickets

You can do one of the following:

2. Create an In-Person Event

Start creating an in-person event to include all your settings, send out invitations and ultimately run your event. Connect the ticket campaign to the event.

3. Assign Paddles and Tables

For events with a Live Auction or Fund A Need, PayBee generates paddle numbers that may be assigned to guests. These paddles include a paddle number, a unique QR code ( that facilitates self-check out or volunteer-assisted checkout), the guest's name and table number (if you have assigned seating). Paddles, tables cards and other event day material must be printed before your event.

4. Create campaigns to be used at your in-person event

Campaigns are the backbone of the event. There would be one campaign for each component of your event. For example:

Share the silent auction with your donors where they can bid online for items you offer. If the donor provides a phone number they will be notified if they are outbid. When you close your silent auction, they will be notified if they have won.

Pre-Event and Post Event

1. Confirm and Review Setup

As you get closer to your event, it is crucial that you review the In Person Event Checklist for pre-event and post-event tasks for a successful event.

2. Event Day Monitors

On the day of your event, if you'd like to display real-time activity you can connect our Audience Monitor link or Donation Wall link to your desired screen. Please reach out to us at for more information.

3. Volunteer Training

On the day of your event, your volunteers will use the PayBee app on their own mobile device and handle guest check-in and check-out. The PayBee team will train them on a live video call. If your volunteers have any questions before or after the call, they can review these videos and instructions.

4. Event Reminders and Paddles

Send out event ticket reminders one day as well as 4 hours before the event. Your in-person guests will appreciate the handy email with directions to the venue, last-minute parking information, etc.

PayBee generates paddles and other event day material for all your guests with their information on it. This includes the name and table (if you are assigning tables). Unassigned paddles can also be generated so you can assign them to the guests at check-in.

5. We've got your back

By event day, you are going to be a pro at handling it all, but we're there in case you need us.

PayBee Remote Support

You will have a dedicated rep on-call during your event. You will be connected to them via email 1 day before your event. You can send them an email as well as reach them via text or phone.

PayBee On-Site Expert

Some organizations prefer to have a PayBee Expert on-site during the event to supervise your team of volunteers and help them with the technology as needed. The cost to have an expert is $899 + travel, meal, and hotel expenses.

If you are interested in having us attend your event, please let us know ASAP so we can reserve an expert for you. Email us at

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