Virtual Event Checklist

Pre Event

1. Manage Your Guest List

  • If you are inviting guests to join using the RSVP link, to keep track of those who have RSVPd please see your Virtual Event Report and the Attendees Tab.

  • If you are selling tickets for the virtual event, Navigate to Manage > Tickets and Guests and select the virtual event ticketing campaign from the pulldown at the top left. You will be able to see how many virtual event tickets have been sold and create any promo codes you want to share.

  • To connect your virtual event tickets: Navigate to Manage > Tickets and Guests and select the ticketing campaign from the pulldown at the top left. Click the Connect to Event button. There will be a warning that the action is not reversible. Please read it and click Connect if you are ready.

If you have already sold tickets outside of PayBee, you can add your guests by clicking on Add Guests from the Attendees tab in the Virtual Event Report and uploading a spreadsheet with the guests' names and email addresses. They will immediately receive the Join Link.

2. Review All Campaigns

Make sure all of the campaigns you need for the event day are ready to go.

  • For a Fund a Need, make sure all of the levels are added to the campaign.

  • For a Silent Auction, make sure all items have been added to PayBee and the minimum bid, bid increments, as well as the start date and time, and end date and time are correct if you have turned on Automatic Start and Stop.

  • For a Live Auction Auction, make sure all items have been added to PayBee and the minimum bid and bid increments are correct.

  • For Raffles, make sure all the options to buy raffle tickets are correct.

3. Send Reminder Emails

To send out reminders to guests please go to Manage> Tickets and Guests, click edit under your event and choose Virtual Event Report. Select the Attendees tab and click the Reminder button. Choose Event Join. This will send information about joining your virtual event. A window will appear that gives you the option to send a text message reminder in addition to the email.

Before sending reminders make sure that the event information (date and time) is correct.

4. Review Virtual Event Settings

  • Make sure that the embed link for your virtual event has been added under Live Stream Information.

  • If you are using YouTube make sure that you have the correct settings turned on to reduce the lag.

  • If you want to have the goal thermometer turned on, make sure we have the correct goal listed.

  • If you want the goal thermometer to start at a certain amount, add it to your cart from the Virtual Event Report.

  • Make sure that you have added all your lobby slides.

5. Prepare for and Have a Rehearsal

To have an effective rehearsal with your video producer, auctioneer, PayBee Back End, and PayBee rep and ultimately have a great event please make sure to do the following:

6. Delete All Test Campaigns and Test Events

Once you have finished rehearsing make sure to delete anything pending from your test event’s Virtual Event Report and deactivate your test campaigns and event afterward.

Post Event

1. Editing Carts

  • To add items to a cart go to the Attendees Tab in your Virtual Event Report.

  • You can also add items to a guest’s cart using the All Pending Report

2. Checking Out Guests

  • If a guest would like to pay using a check after the event you can send them a receipt from PayBee by clicking on See Cart next to their cart from the Virtual Event Report or checking them out from the All Pending Report.

3. Sending Pending Pledge Reminders

  • To only send pending pledge reminders to those who attended your event you can send Pending Pledge Reminders from the Virtual Event Report. To send them to everyone including silent auction winners who didn’t attend the event, send out pending pledge reminders from the All Pending Report.

4. Reports

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