Before the Test Run

  1. Create a test event using the Copy button located under your event at Manage > Events > ...

  2. Copy all campaigns. Prefix name with TEST. Eg "TEST Live Auction".

  3. Hide all test campaigns from the main page.

After the Test Run

  1. Delete items from the donors' carts. NOTE: Do not delete the attendees.

  2. Deactivate test campaigns by clicking on the Deactivate under the test campaign.

  3. Go to the Dashboard on PayBee. Open the organization’s PayBee link by clicking on the QR code to the right or copy-pasting the link below it on a new tab to see if all campaigns are back to normal and if all the test campaigns are removed.

  4. End your event on PayBee (switch Start to End) before ending your live stream to confirm that the stream has caught up with the delay before ending the event abruptly.

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