Fundraising Campaigns
Campaigns allow you to communicate your cause and process donations from your community. Depending on your fundraising scenarios, different types of campaigns will give you different superpowers.

Campaign Creation

Here are some scenarios which will help you select the right type of campaign. Explore each and create the campaign.
  • ​Donation - Process Donations, or organize a Fund-a-Need, Pledge Drive
  • ​Ticketing - Sell paid or free tickets for individuals, couples or tables, event registration, raffles
  • ​Auction - Run silent and live auctions.
  • ​Last Hero - Host the very popular fundraising game where the last donor who pledges becomes the Hero
  • ​Peer to Peer - get your community to make commitments and share the campaign to raise funds in their social circles.

Spread the word

PayBee allows you to share the campaigns across all your channels.
Copy the campaign URL and use it to spread the word across social media, hook it up to a button on your website or embed the link in your emails.
For your print collateral, download the campaign QR code and use it in your design.
If you want to send a link to all your active campaigns, then use the QR code/URL off your dashboard.

Track donations

​Campaign reports will show you the campaign level activity. All Donations report is also a great place to get more details about the transaction.