Activating Campaigns

If you've finished setting up your campaigns, you'll want to make sure that your campaigns are set to 'Active' in order to be able to preview them as well as send the link out to your donors to participate.
To do this, go into edit each one of your campaigns and ensure that the Start Date of the campaign is set to present day. If your campaign is set to a date in the future, it will not show up as an 'Active' campaign until that day.
Once your campaigns are active, you'll need to go back into your Campaigns page, and you'll see a QR code with a link underneath next to each of your campaigns. To start sharing with your donors, all you need to do is either share the QR code or link with them!
Important note: If you are setting up a Silent Auction campaign, the campaign Start Date is NOT the same as the day the auction will go live and enable bidding. The Start Date you set underneath the description will be the 'Active' date of the campaign, so that you can preview what the donors will see + in Auction Settings you'll enable bidding automatically by selecting start dates and times.

HTML Formatting

To hyperlink content in descriptions, use the following format
<a href='Your URL goes here'>You link name goes here</a>
We allow the following HTML tags in the description for the formatting. Make sure to enclose the text with opening and closing tags.
<p></p> -- paragraph
<br> - Adding a blank line
<ul><li></li></ul> -- Creating a bullted list
<b></b> for bold

Image Requirements

All images on PayBee (except your logo) should be 2:1 ratio (2 wide : 1 high) and file should be no larger than 5MB - recommended pixel size: 1200x600
Logo should be 1:1 ratio (1 wide : 1 high) and file should be no larger than 5MB - recommended pixel size: 900x900

Share the Campaign

PayBee allows you to share the campaigns across all your channels.
Copy the campaign URL and use it to spread the word across social media, hook it up to a button on your website or embed the link in your emails.
For your print collateral, download the campaign QR code and use it in your design.
If you want to send a link to all your active campaigns, then use the QR code/URL off your dashboard.

Add Sponsors

Add your sponsor logos to any campaign. Save the group and relaod the group in another campaign. The video shows how you would add the logos.

Preview Campaign

To preview the sponsor logos, simple tap on QR code by the campaign or copy+paste the URL in a new browser tab to see it.