Volunteer How-Tos

This page covers all volunteer tasks during the event including check-in, adding pledges, bids, items and tickets to donors' carts and checkout

The following information is available on this page:

Get The PayBee App

Download the app at:

Apple App Store https://apps.apple.com/us/app/paybee/id1169845914

Google Play Store https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.paybee.paybeeapp

Once you install the app, tap sign up and register with the same email address you were invited to by your organization to be a volunteer.

Volunteer Tasks

On the day of the event, you will be helping with check-in, fundraising (capturing pledges and bids), and checkout.

A cart gets generated for each donor and you will help create, update and close it.

PayBee can provide credit card readers to allow your volunteers to:

  • Pre-swipe a credit card at check-in, if desired.

  • Allow your volunteers to take donations via credit card at the event.

  • Help with guest check-out via credit card.

You will need specific credit card readers for use with PayBee. To find out more please visit our PayBee credit card reader loan page.

Check-In Guest

  1. Tap Check In. Scan the QR code or search by name or email.

  2. Select the guest. For group tickets, select the guests in the group to be checked in.

  3. For group tickets, search for the name of a guest.

    1. If the guest is the ticket purchaser a captain icon will appear (image 1) in one of the entries.

    2. This allows you to choose the ticket purchaser and their confirmed guests (image 3) or a view of all available tickets (image 2 - table captain's view).

  4. To add a guest to the ticket, tap Add Guest and follow the instructions.

  5. Give them their bidder number (paddle, table tent, etc).

Updating Placeholder Emails

Placeholder email addresses are used for guests who don't have an email attached. An email address in this format triggers the PayBee app to notify the volunteer to ask for an email address at check-in. These guests will have their own bidder number.

Pre-Swipe Credit Cards

At the time of check-in, you can pre-swipe and store credit card numbers for the guests. The number can be entered manually or by using the card reader. Once stored, it can be used to close carts at the end of the event or after the event, if necessary.

Assigning Paddles & Tables To New Guests

If you can't find a guest from the Check In screen, you can use these instructions to assign paddles and tables to them. Some scenarios include:

  • walk in guests who have not purchased their tickets

  • guests that are replacing existing guests

  • if you're not selling tickets and would like to assign paddles and tables to guests as they arrive

Adding Multiple Pledges At Once

You can use Add Multiple Pledges to sell live auction items, add fund-a-need pledges and sell raffle tickets in bulk.

  1. Tap ‘Add Multiple Pledges’

  2. Select the campaign you are selling items for or adding pledges to

  3. Select the item or level of the gift

  4. Type the Paddle Number and click on ‘Add’

    • If it's an auction item you will have to add the winning paddle number and the winning bid amount

    • If you need to delete a pledge from the fund a need there will be a trash icon next to each pledge you have entered

  5. Once all paddles have been recorded at that level click on Close

  6. Repeat these steps for the next items/levels until done

Adding Real-Time Bids & Pledges for Events

This functionality must be used at hybrid events or events with an audience monitor where all real-time bidding and pledging is to be captured.

  1. Tap Go To Live Activity on the volunteer screen.

  2. Enter paddle number. Tap bid.

  3. Continue the same for other donors.

  4. If you need to override the amount, delete the current amount in the field, enter the appropriate amount, enter the paddle number, and then hit bid.

If you're interested in adding real-time bids and pledges for In-Person events, please reach out to us on contact@paybee.io

Adding Tickets/Additional Pledges/Adding Auction Items One By One

This functionality must be used when a pledge, bid, auction item or ticket is to be recorded for a specific guest.

  1. Tap Add a pledge.

  2. Type in the paddle number of the person whose cart you’d like to add to

  3. Select Accept Donation or + Add More.

  4. Select the campaign you’d like to add from and select what you’d like to add.

  5. If their cart is empty select Save to Cart if you want them to pay later, or you can check them out on the spot via card/cash/check.

  6. If they already have items in their cart then the item selected will be added to the cart.

  7. You will see the donor's cart after it's added. You can remove any items added in error by selecting the trashcan icon.

Card Readers & Contactless Payments

For faster checkout at your event, connect a bluetooth reader or enable Tap To Pay on your phone to read cards instead of entering card information manually.

Choosing A Card Reader

Using A Bluetooth Reader:

If you plan on saving donor cards on file at check-in or plan on tapping, inserting or swiping donor cards at checkout, this is the right option for you. Bluetooth readers may be used on iOS and Android phones, iPads and tablets. To rent out readers, click on this link. Readers must be rented out two weeks before your event

Using Your Phone As A Reader:

If you plan on accepting contactless payments aka Tap To Pay at checkout, this is the right option for you. Unlike bluetooth readers, your phone reader cannot be used to save donor cards on file at check-in. This feature requires iPhone XS and later (not available on iPads) and running iOS 16.0 and later.

Pairing & Using The Reader

(Before accepting payments)

  1. Confirm Bluetooth and location services are turned ON in the device's settings.

  2. Verify that the card reader is turned on if you're using a bluetooth reader. Press the button on the side of the reader to turn it on if needed.

  3. Go to the main volunteer page in the app.

  4. Connecting to the reader:

For Bluetooth reader

  1. If you're using a bluetooth reader, select the reader closest to you when you see in the list of nearby readers in the following screen. Click OK/Allow if a dialog from your device appears. Click Done.

  2. If more than one unconnected reader is in the vicinity and turned on you can look at the back of the reader to find the serial number and choose the one that matches on your device.

  3. The icon will turn green when connected to the reader. You can disconnect the reader by clicking the icon and choosing disconnect.

For Tap To Pay

  1. If you're using your phone as the reader, enable Tap To Pay in the following screen. If you're enabling Tap To Pay for the first time, you will be asked to associate your Apple ID with the Tap To Pay functionality (see image Fig. 1 below). Please choose the "Continue with this Apple ID" option. Click Done.

Checkout By Paddle: Close Donors' Carts

  1. Tap Checkout.

  2. Scan paddle or tap search by paddle number if needed.

  3. Verify items. Any items added in error can be deleted with the trashcan icon. You can also add donations using + Add More.

  4. Tap Checkout.

  5. Select the payment method.

  6. For check, take photos of the check or enter the check number in memo. Tap Record.

  7. For credit cards, select Tap to Use Card Reader. Follow instructions (For Tap To Pay, you can expect to see the screen indicated in Fig. 2 below when accepting a payment). You can enter the card manually if needed. Older style credit cards (with numbers and info on the front) can be scanned but newer style cards will need to be added manually.

  8. In confirm donation, the checkbox is selected to cover the credit card transaction fees. Uncheck the checkbox if the donor does not want to cover these for your organization.

  9. Collect the signature. Tap Confirm Payment.

Donor Lookup By Name Or Email

  1. Once you're logged in, go to your event. Tap on Donor Lookup By Name Or Email

  2. Start typing the donor's name or email. Select the donor if you find them to proceed. If you can't find the donor tap on the Create New Donor button, enter the donor's name and email and then tap Next. If you know the donor's paddle number, tap on Search by paddle instead.

  3. You are now ready to add items to a donor's cart.

    • If the donor already has items in their cart, you will be navigated to the donor's cart. Tap on Add To Cart... to add more. You may also remove items from the cart if needed.

    • If there are no items in the donor's cart, tap on Accept Donation, choose your campaign, choose the option, select the quantity and enter the additional details if necessary, tap Next and then tap on Add To Cart in the Process Donation screen.

  4. If you'd like to close the cart and move on to the next guest, choose I'll check out later. If you're ready to accept the payment tap on Checkout.

  5. Now, choose a payment method - Card, Check or Cash. Record a memo or enter a company name if the donor's company matches donations. Then record the payment.

  6. The final screen shows you the list of paid transactions for this donor. Tap Close to go back to the main screen to move on to the next guest or action.

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