Adding A Video to an Event Page

This guide will walk you through the process of adding a video to your Event Page.

You can also find our video here as well that walks you through adding a video to your Event Page

Step 1:

Start by clicking on 'Manage> Events', then select 'Edit' and navigate to the 'Event Page' tab.

Step 2:

Next, click on 'Sections' and then 'Add a Section'. From the 'Event Page Section Type', select 'Video Container'.

Step 3:

You can now add a title for your video and a description.

Step 4:

Click on 'Please provide a video provider' to specify where you're embedding the video from. In this example, we are using a YouTube video.

Step 5:

To find the embed code for a YouTube video, click on 'Share' and then 'Embed'. The section within the quotation marks is what you need.

Step 6:

Copy the embed code.

Step 7:

Return to your event page and paste the copied embed code into the 'Video URL' field.

Step 8:

Save your changes by clicking on 'Save Section' at the top of the page.

Step 9:

To preview your changes, click on 'Preview' and scroll down to see your video. If you're satisfied with how it looks, go back and click 'Save Event and Exit'.

And that's it! You have successfully added a video to your event page.

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