In-Person Checklist

Pre Event

1. Linking Tickets to In-Person Event

To be able to assign paddles and tables to guests, make sure to link your ticketing campaign to your In-Person Event. Navigate to Manage > Tickets and Guests and select the ticketing campaign from the pulldown at the top left. Click the Connect to Event button. There will be a warning that the action is not reversible. Please read it and click Connect if correct.

If your guests are already buying tickets and you're not using PayBee, you can import your guest list

2. Manage Your Guest List

Once you have started selling your tickets, create any promo codes you want to share, start keeping track of how many tickets you have sold and how many guests have been added compared to the tickets. From PayBee you can send Add Guest Reminders to ticket holders as well as email them and send them their Captain’s View. You can do both of these from Manage> Tickets and Guests.

3. Add and Assign Tables

If you are assigning tables on PayBee: Add all your paddles and the number of seats that are available in each to PayBee and then from Manage> Tickets and Guests you can assign guests to tables.

4. Assign Paddles

PayBee generates paddles for all your guests with their information on it. This includes their name and table number (if you are assigning tables). You can download the PDF and print it on regular paper or card stock. Blank paddles can also be generated so you can assign them to the guests at check-in.

Go to Manage > Events > ... Choose In-Person Event Reports and then pick the Paddles tab.

See also assign paddles to all attendees.

5. Review All Your Campaigns

Make sure all of the campaigns you need for the event day are ready to go.

For a Fund a Need, make sure all of the levels are added to the campaign.

For a Silent Auction, make sure all items have been added to PayBee and the minimum bid, bid increments, as well as the start date and time, and end date and time are correct if you have turned on Automatic Start and Stop.

For a Live Auction, make sure all items have been added to PayBee and the minimum bid and bid increments are correct.

For a Raffle, make sure all the options to buy raffle tickets are correct.

6. Print Silent Auction Bid Sheets

If you are hosting a silent auction as part of your in-person event and once you have reviewed your silent auction, you can print bid sheets directly from PayBee from Manage> Auctions.

7. Train Your Clerk and PayBee Back End Producer

This is optional for In-Person events. If you want to display the audience monitor for your In-Person Event your PayBee rep will have set you up as a hybrid event. Make sure the two members of your team who are fulfilling the roles of clerk and PayBee Back End Producer are trained and ready to go for event day. For more information about these roles please visit this page.

8. Send Reminder Emails

To send out reminders to guests please go to Manage> Tickets and Guests and select the Reminder button. Choose Send Reminder. A text box will appear for you to add an optional message at the bottom of the reminder email. This is where you can add information such as weather conditions or traffic delays, and parking instructions for the day of your event.

Before sending reminders make sure to Edit all ticket campaigns:

  1. Make sure Ticketing Settings -> "Send Electronic Tickets" is switched on.

  2. Go to the Event Settings and check the event's date/time and duration. This information will be included in the email if set. Please feel free to leave it empty if you don't want it in the emails.

  3. Go to the Event Venue and check the name and address of the event venue. If present, the emails to the guests will include this. Please feel free to leave it empty if you don't want it in the emails.

9. Train Volunteers

For more information about using the PayBee app on the day of your event and to see how you can add and remove volunteers please see these two pages: Adding and Removing Volunteers and Volunteer How-Tos. We also have this handy in-person event cheat sheet. We recommend sharing the cheat sheet and our how-to videos with your volunteers or printing this out and having it available for your volunteers to review before your event starts.

10. Delete All Test Campaigns and Test Events

Once you have finished rehearsing make sure to delete anything pending from your Test Event’s Virtual Event Report and In Person Event Report and deactivate your campaigns afterward.

Post Event

1. Editing Carts

To Add Items to Cart using a guest’s paddle number please go to the Attendees Tab in your In-Person Event Report. You can also add items to a guest’s cart using the All Pending Report

2. Checking Out Guests

If a guest has paid using a check after the event you can send them a receipt from PayBee by clicking on See Cart next to their cart from the In Person Event Report or checking them out from the All Pending Report.

3. Sending Pending Pledge Reminders

To only send pending pledge reminders to those who attended your event you can send Pending Pledge Reminders from the In Person Event Report. To send them to everyone including silent auction winners who didn’t attend the event, send out pending pledge reminders from the All Pending Report.

4. Reports

For more information about what is currently pending and what each guest donated please see the In Person Event Report.

For more information about all the items that are pending please see the All Pending Report.

For more information about all the donations that are complete please see your All Donations Report.

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