In-Person Event Creation

The following information is available on this page:

Creating an Event

Navigate to Manage > Events and choose New Event

Select In-Person Event

Fill out the General Information.

Event Paddles

If you plan to have paddles at your event, turn the option on and enter the following:

  1. Min Paddle Number: Your generated paddles will start at this number. Traditionally 101 is a good starting number.

  2. # of Unassigned Paddles: Set this number to indicate the number of empty unassigned paddles to be generated. These paddles can be assigned to any guests that don't have paddles assigned or join at the time of the event.

Table Assignment

Turn this option on if you plan to assign your guests to tables. Assignments can happen in each ticket campaign (Manage > Tickets and Guests) or in the attendees list (Manage > Events > ... and choose In-Person Event Report). You can find more in our Managing Tickets and Guests doc.

The tables can be created in the event under the Table Assignments setting. Just click the Add/Update Tables button.


The guest list is built from the ticket campaigns. All ticket campaigns connected to the event will be displayed in this section.

Event Venue

Venue information is optional and will show on your event page if added.


Sponsor logos are optional for in-person events. If added they will appear on the event page.

Event Page

Set up your event page with links to all your campaigns.

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