Paddles and Table Assignments

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Assigning Tables

Understanding How Tables Work

Tables on PayBee may used for all kinds of events including fundraising galas and golf tournaments. Ideally, tables are assigned before the event so the check in process during the event is smooth and short.

Guests may be assigned table numbers but we do offer the option for you to assign Table Names instead. We typically see this at golf tournaments where Table 1 may be considered Hole 1 and Table 2 may be considered Hole 2, for example.

You may also assign various tables to a Category. This is typically the case when a Sponsor purchases multiple tables. For eg., Chase Bank could be a sponsor with tables 1-4. You could also use categories to denote various categories of table seating like VIP, General Admission, Volunteers, etc.

Assigned Seating Within Tables

Finally, you can also choose to include Assigned Seating within each table. For most events, this is typically not important but if your guests are to be seated at a specific Seat Number on the table, we do offer the option to assign seats as well. If you would prefer to go by a Seat Name instead of Seat Number, this is possible on PayBee as well. We see this at event venues like theaters where a guest may be seated on Seat A on Row 1, for eg., where the Seat Name is Seat A and Table Name is Row 1 in this instance. To see how you can assign tables and seats to your guests, click here.

Assigning tables to guests

The Tables setting must be enabled for the event to create new tables. If you are unsure of the current setting, go to Manage > Events, tap on Edit under your event and scroll down to Table Assignment. Below you will find information on: Tables can be created and assigned in two locations:

Creating & assigning Tables in the event settings

Go to Manage > Events and tap on Edit under the event. Go to the Table Assignment setting, make sure the flag is ON and tap on Add/Update Tables. They may also be created by going to Manage > Tickets and Guests > Tables tab. You can also choose to switch Assigned Seating ON here. Seat Names can only be created in the ticket management settings.

Tables can be assigned under the In-Person Event report. Go to Manage > Events and click ... (3 dots) under the event and choose In-Person Event Report. From the Attendees tab you can assign tables.

Choose the table for that guest. Tables can be edited per guest by choosing the table number under the TableNum column.

Creating & assigning Tables in the ticket management settings

To create tables go to Manage > Tickets and Guests. Select the ticket campaign in the pulldown at the top and go to the Tables tab. (The Tables setting must be enabled for the event to create new tables).

To assign tables go to Manage > Tickets and Guests. Select the ticket campaign in the pulldown at the top and then make sure the Tickets tab is selected.

Click the manage guests button for each ticket and assign tables using the pulldown in the window.

To see a list of ALL of your guests and assign tables to each of them, go to the Guests tab instead of the Tickets tab under Manage > Tickets & Guests.

Make sure you select each ticketing campaign if you have more than one for your event.

Creating & assigning Tables With Assigned Seating

Go to Manage > Ticket & Guests > Tables tab. Tap on the Add Tables button to add new tables, make sure to switch "Guest will be assigned specific seats in table" field ON to enable assigned seating within these tables.

Once this is done, you will see a button with a chair icon appear next to the other action buttons for these tables indicating that assigned seating in ON for these tables. To add Seat Names or to add/delete seats to a table with assigned seating, tap on the chair button.

You may use the Edit and Delete buttons to add Seat Names to these seats or delete seats from the table.

To assign tables and seats to all guests on your guestlist, go to the Guests tab and tap on the Assign button under the Table column. All tables with assigned seating will show up with chair icons next to them in the dropdown. Choose a table and then choose the seat. Tap Assign to save the selection. The Edit button (button with the pencil icon) may be used to update the Table and Seat selection.

Assigning Paddles

PayBee generates paddles for all your guests with their information on it. This includes their name and table number (if you are assigning tables). You can download the PDF and print it on regular paper or card stock. Blank paddles can also be generated so you can assign them to the guests at check-in.

Go to Manage > Events > ... choose the In-Person Event Reports and the Paddles tab.

You can automatically assign paddles to all guests by clicking on the Assign Paddle to All button.

If you add guests after you use assign paddles to all you can use the button again to assign paddles only to the new guests. Already assigned paddle numbers won't be changed.

Once you have assigned paddles, you can preview and download the paddles for printing. More information on this may be found here.

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