Adding Donations One By One

This functionality is only provided for recording offline donations. This is NOT the correct way to add in tickets or auctions. For an accurate recording of those, follow the instructions below:

  • Tickets: Please use the Add Tickets button from Manage > Ticket and Guests.

  • Auction Items: For auction items add them to the donor's cart from Reports > All Pending and check out.

If you'd like the donor to pay via credit card you can do that by adding via the Reports > All Pending (same as adding auction items).

To add the donation by cash, check, or other methods, go to Add Donations > One By One in the left menu.

  1. Search for the donor by their email or name. You can also create a new donor.

  2. Select the campaign under the pulldown.

  3. Add the amount.

  4. Select the donation date.

  5. Select the donation type.

  6. How the donation was paid.

  7. Add an optional memo. This is only seen by the organization.

  8. Click Add Donation

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