Twitch is a great alternative to use if embedding live streams are disabled on your YouTube account. It offers a 5-second delay as opposed to YouTube’s 2-3 second delay (with ultra-low latency settings). Twitch uses the same live stream link always, so you can set it once and use it as many times as you need.

1. Create an Account

Do this by going to

2: Get the Channel Name

Go to your homepage, tap on your account icon located on the top right corner of your screen and note the name. In this example, it is paybee_inc.

Incorporate the channel name by using the following format:

Using the above example, the embed link would be as follows:

4: Connect to PayBee

Go back to your virtual event settings and paste the embed link as your Live Stream URL

  1. Navigate to Manage -> Virtual Events > Edit > Live Stream Info.

  2. Set Stream Provider to Twitch and paste the URL.

  3. Hit Save.

You have now connected Twitch to PayBee and can use platforms like StreamYard, eCamm, vMix, etc to broadcast your live stream to Twitch.

5. Low Latency

Twitch usually sets your latency to Low by default. To confirm and update if necessary, follow instructions at

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