Activating PayBee Campaigns

Are your campaigns showing up as "Not Active"? How can I start sharing links with my donors?

If you've finished setting up your campaigns, you'll want to make sure that your campaigns are set to 'Active' in order to be able to preview them as well as send the link out to your donors to participate.

To do this, select edit for each of your campaigns and ensure that the Start Date of the campaign is set to today or earlier. If your campaign is set to a date in the future, it will not show up as an 'Active' campaign until that day.

Once your campaigns are active, you'll need to go back into your Campaigns page, and you'll see a QR code and a share button underneath next to each of your campaigns. To start sharing with your donors, all you need to do is either share the QR code or one of the links with them!

If you are setting up a Silent Auction campaign, the campaign Start Date is NOT the same as the day the auction will go live and enable bidding. The Start Date you set underneath the description will be the active or visible date of the campaign.

You can set an automatic date and time for your auction to start and stop (enable and pause bidding). You can set this in Auction Settings.

You will still need to officially end the auction in Manage > Auctions to select winning bids and send out notifications.

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