Completed Donations

Go to Reports > All Donations to get complete detailed information.

Set the date range for donations at the top of the page and make sure you have the correct date range listed.

If you want to set filters please see the Report Filter Tab in the All Donations Report.

To add more information to the report. For example add the donor's street address and phone number if it has been collected, fees, and more use the Select Columns tab in the All Donations Report.

Resending Receipts

Navigate to All Donations > find the transaction, open the right menu and resend the receipt.

Updating Transactions

If the campaign, campaign option type, amount paid (for check or cash transactions) or memo needs to be updated, go to Reports > All Donations. Once you've adjusted the date range, search for the desired transaction, scroll to the right, tap on the ... button under the Actions column and tap Edit. Make your edits and tap Update.

For information about how to request a refund for a donor please visit this page.

For information about Fees and Reconciliation, please visit this page.

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