Connecting Video To Event

  1. Open your live stream video on YouTube (as you would to view the video). The image below shows what your stream must look like when you open the scheduled live stream video on YouTube.

2. On the video page, select Share on the right, below the video. Select Embed.

3. You will see a small window pop up with some code. Copy the YouTube link that shows up after 'src =' in the code without including the quotes.

For example, in the embedded code below:

You would be copying the outlined portion like this:

If you find it hard to copy, you can copy the entire code, paste it somewhere else and only select and copy the YouTube link portion similar to the outlined link in the image above. The YouTube embed link should always has the word 'embed' in it.

Linking the Video Stream to PayBee

Now that you have your link, it should be pasted in PayBee.

  1. Navigate to Manage -> Virtual Events > Edit > Live Stream Info

  2. Set Stream Provider to YouTube and paste the URL

  3. Hit Save

Reduce Lag

Click the YouTube URL in StreamYard and it will take you to YouTube. Follow these steps before you go 'Live' and make sure the settings match those in these screenshots.

  1. Click Your Channel in the dropdown under your name logo

  2. Click on Videos in the left menu

3. Go to Live under Channel videos

4. Hit the ((o)) button next to the stream you’re working on

5. Enable Auto-Start turned on

6. Enable DVR turned off

7. Steam Latency set to Ultra Low Latency

The settings will be automatically saved. There is no Save button.

The settings to reduce lag cannot be changed after you go 'Live'. If you have not changed the settings and are already 'Live', you must end your stream, create a new one, change the settings and then go 'Live'.

Video: YouTube and StreamYard

If you'd like, follow along as we connect StreamYard and do the YouTube settings.

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