Auction Procurement Form

Navigate to Campaigns > Create New Campaign > Ticketing Add a Name for the Campaign and please add in any description you want to share with your auction item donors to the Campaign Configuration field

Under the General Settings you want to turn on Ask donors for their phone number and address as well as additional info and additional info selected

Aside from the General Settings under Campaign Configuration, for the ticketing settings you want to make sure the following settings are correct:

Send electronic tickets should be turned on and Collect Guest Information should be turned OFF

After you set the campaign configuration you can add the option for them to Donate an Item.

Hit save and your auction procurement form is ready to be added to your event page or shared on your website, or share via email and social media.

Use the links or download the QR code and add it to your physical print material.

This video explains and shows you how to create this campaign:

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