Sample PayBee Emails

Examples of email sent by PayBee.
Here is the formatting of typical emails that your donors will receive. Colors, logos, and images will be customized according to your settings.
You may find the following email examples on this page:

Electronic Ticket Emails

Ticket for 2 add/invite guest reminder
Ticket for 2
Ticket for 2 - add or invite guests
Ticket for 2 receipt
Tickets include a QR code that can be used at check-in using the PayBee app. A reminder can be sent if guests need to be added to tickets.

Silent Auction Emails

Silent auction winner
Silent auction bid confirmation
Multi-item receipt from event
Email when the donor is outbid on an auction item
Emails are sent when a successful bid is made on a silent auction as well as when the donor is outbid. When an item or items are won an email goes out and a receipt is sent after payment.
Email header and footer added to receipt
Email header and footer added to ticket
You can add a header and footer to your email to include additional information. The text can be formatted using simple HTML formatting. Other parts of the email can't be modified.
While planning the close and pickup for Silent Auction items, add text to the footer of the auction campaign and all the Silent Auction winners and donors who bought the item will see this in the body of the payment email. Here’s an example of forms that can be added to the footer: - To schedule pick up, please complete this form. - To schedule delivery, please complete this form.