This type of campaign is used to process donations, run pledge drive or fund-a-need

Navigate to Campaigns > Create New Campaign > Donation

Fill in the details for your donation campaign.

Aside from the General Settings under Campaign Configuration, the donation settings have four options that can be set:

  • Optional campaign goal - This is the goal amount you hope to reach. This can motivate your donors to help you reach your goal.

  • Hide pledge option - This hides the option to make a pledge which is a promise to pay but not an actual donation.

  • Hide custom amount - If this is switched on your donors will not have the option to donate a custom amount of their choosing. They will only be able to donate at the levels you set.

  • Hide recurring donation - If this is switched on your donors will not have the option to make their donation recurring. If you leave this option on you can select the options you want to make available to your donors for their recurring donations.

After you set the campaign configuration you can add donation options. You can add as many donation options as you'd like.

Hit save and your donation campaign is ready to be added to your event page or shared on your website, or share via email and social media.

Use the links or download the QR code and add it to your physical print material.

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