Silent (Auction)

On this page, we cover the following:

If you have questions about creating your auction campaign, silent auction, and auction items settings you can find this information here.

For more information about creating an online silent auction procurement form, you can find this information here.

Closing an Online Silent Auction

There are 2 ways to close an Online Silent Auction

1. During the virtual or hybrid event

During a virtual or hybrid event, go to the Run Screen in the PayBee Back End. Select the relevant Silent Auction and close.

2. Closing outside an event

Go to Manage > Auction and choose End Auction.

Ending an auction is different than pausing the auction. Ending an auction is not reversible and winners will be chosen and notified. You will see a warning about this when you end the auction.

Closing a Traditional Silent Auction

For silent auctions that are not having their donors place their bid on PayBee and are instead using Traditional Bid Sheets.

You want to add the items to the winner's carts using the PayBee App by volunteers or via the Pending Report or In-Person Event Report by account admins.

Auction Payments and Reports

To see all auction payments you want to visit the All Donations Report

To see all those who haven't paid yet for their auction items and send them payment reminders you want to visit the All Pending Report or your In-Person Event Report or Virtual Event Report depending on your event.

To download a comprehensive Report about your auction please go to Manage> Auctions and Download the Bidders and Items Excel Report.

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