Manage Auctions

To find the link to the leaderboard, go to Manage > Auctions > select the Auction campaign from the dropdown. While the controls here are mainly intended to manage Silent Auctions, you are able to track the bids and item sales for Live Auctions as well.

Activate Bidding

If the bidding on your auction has not started yet, click on the Resume Bidding button to start accepting bids. When you do this, you will see the Status change from Paused to Active.

Donors can now bid on or buy items

Pause Bidding

To stop accepting bids or pause bidding, click on the Pause Bidding button. This does not close your auction - it simply stops accepting bids.

At this time, donors cannot bid on or buy items.

If an auction has an automated start and/or stop date and time for the bidding and you'd like manually handle the start and stop times for accepting bids, simply follow the instructions above. This will update the auction from automatic mode to manual mode and the automated dates/times will be ignored.

Tracking Auction Progress

To access and download information on all the bidders who've placed bids, top bidders, auction winners (if your auction is already closed), list of auction items and/or items sold, download the Bidders & Items excel file found by tapping on Downloads under Manage > Auctions. To get an idea of how much you've raised with an ongoing auction, go the Top Bidders sheet in the excel file and total the amounts listed in the Amount column.

Declare Winners

To close the auction and declare winners, click on the End Auction button. It is important to note that this action is irreversible - as soon as the button is clicked, all winners receive emails (and texts if you're collecting phone numbers) announcing they've won with links to pay for their items. The items will also be added to all winners' carts.

At this time, donors can no longer place bids but are able to still buy items (where 'Buy It Now' is enabled) if they're available.

Printing Bid Sheets For Your Event

You may choose to print either the traditional bid sheets or the bid sheets with QR codes for your event. Both can be found by tapping on Downloads and tapping on Bid Sheets (PDF) or Bid Sheets QR (PDF). Once you've made your selection, a preview dialog opens up with all your bid sheets (one for every item) in one PDF. Tap on the download button (located on the top or bottom of the dialog depending on your browser) to download this to your computer.

The traditional bid sheets are typically used at in-person events where the attendees are not comfortable with QR codes and aren't bidding against online participants or donors who are not at your event. Once the auction is closed, your volunteers will have to enter each item into the winner's cart using our app or website.

The bid sheets with QR codes may be used at in-person or hybrid events where attendees may or may not be participating with online bidders. Bidders can scan the QR codes using their phone camera and navigate directly to the item to bid on or buy. Your volunteers don't have any data entry in this case. You will have to end the auction using your computer when you're ready to declare the winners. This will automatically send out email and/or text notifications and add items to all winners' carts.

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