Fees and Reconciliation


To see a breakdown of PayBee Fee and Transaction Fees, you can do it from All Donations and Transfer Report.

Via All Donations Report

Go to Reports> All Donations

Set the dates on top and go to the Columns tab.

Turn on the following fields-

  1. User Covered Fees: This shows the transaction fee (Credit card or ACH processing fees)

  2. PayBee fee: 2% fee on electronic transactions

  3. Fees: Total of transaction fees (if not covered by donor) + PayBee fee

Via Transfer Report Go to Reports > Transfers

Click on any line item to see the details (transactions, fees, etc) for all donations that are a part of the transfer. The proceed reflects the actual amount that will hit your bank account.

Reconciling Amounts

Our platform aggregates the donations each day and sends them over to your bank account. So if you look at total proceeds the numbers will match up. To show the transaction level breakdown, we do calculations to give you an estimate, and based on rounding, it could be 1c up or down.

Hence instead of going into each transaction, look at the daily transfers and those will give you better and more accurate information.

Pull the Transfer Report, click on the row you want to drill down. You'll see a list of all the donations that make the transfer. You can hit the Export button and get it in the spreadsheet format if required.

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