Finding Ticket & Guest Information

Ticket Holders

Information provided by ticket holders may be found by:

  • Going to Reports > All Donations and select the correct date range

  • Choose the Select Columns tab, select the necessary checkboxes as shown below, and then select Apply. These may include:

    • Quantity,

    • Ticket-holder's Phone Number,

    • Ticket-holder's Address,

    • Ticket Option,

    • Info, and

    • InfoSelected

The report generated will include additional selected (Address, Info, and InfoSelected) information.

You can also filter the report even further by using the Report Filters tab where you can select the campaign, method of payment, type of donation, status of the donation, and if the donation is recurring or one time.


Information provided by guests on these tickets may be found by:

  • Going to Manage > Ticket & Guests

  • Select the ticket campaign from the dropdown menu and go to the Guests tab.

You can also add or update their information there. For more on managing tickets and guests, click here.

Updating Purchased Tickets

If the quantity, ticket option type, amount on a ticket paid for via check or cash or memo needs to be updated on an already purchased ticket, go to Reports > All Donations. Once you've adjusted the date range, search for the desired transaction, scroll to the right, tap on the ... button under the Actions column and tap Edit. Make your edits and tap Update.

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