Last Hero

Use this campaign type for Last Hero. Sometimes called Last Man Standing.

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The Last Hero game, sometimes called Last Man/Person Standing, is a fundraising game played during virtual, in-person, or hybrid events. The rules of the game are as follows:

  • The title of Last Hero and a special prize is given to the last person who donates. So to win, it's not who donates the most it's who donates last.

  • Attendees can donate as many times as they like and every time they donate, they're adding to the total owed.

Creating the game

  1. Navigate to Campaigns > New Campaign > Last Hero

  2. Fill in the values under Campaign Configuration as desired. The campaign description is displayed to virtual attendees when the game is live. Organizations typically describe the prize to be won here. The Optional Campaign Goal under the Last Hero Settings section is currently not displayed to attendees.

  3. Add one or more options under Last Hero Options (we suggest multiple options). This will allow you to make real-time decisions at the event depending on the audience's participation. The audience only sees the option when you choose to make it visible.

The Last Hero campaign is never visible to attendees outside of your event since it is only played during the event.

Once the last hero has been declared, their name and email can be found under the campaign name in your list of campaigns.

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