Manage Peer To Peer Fundraisers

Managing your Peer To Peer campaign

Every fundraiser started by a donor or "champion" is added as its own section here. If "Teams" has been enabled and teams have been added, all teams can be found under the Teams tab.

The + button can be used to create a fundraiser on behalf of a champion.

The button can be used to import a list of fundraisers. Download and fill the template as per the guidelines included (tap on read more) and drag and drop the file to import the list. The list must include the fundraiser or champion's name, email, goal and team (if "Teams" is enabled).

Fundraiser Details & Actions

  • Name of the champion who started the fundraiser,

  • Image they've chosen to add to their fundraiser

  • Name of the fundraiser

  • Goal with the current total raised

  • Team name (if "Teams" is enabled)

  • View Donations button - List of all donors who have given to this fundraiser along with the contributed amount and date (the Export button lets you export all transactions associated with this fundraiser)

  • Fundraiser Link button - this lets you navigate to the champion's view of their fundraiser

  • Donate Link button - this lets you navigate to the donor's view of a specific fundraiser

  • ... button - this button opens a menu with the following options:

    • Edit - edit the fundraiser name or goal

    • Add Donation - add a donation recorded offline to the fundraiser

    • Export Donations - export list of donations associated with the fundraiser

    • Move Transaction(s) - move any number of transactions from one fundraiser to another

    • Delete - lets you delete this fundraiser if there are no donations associated with the fundraiser

Peer To Peer leaderboard

The PayBee Peer to Peer leaderboard lets donors view all the existing fundraisers your champions have started (with information on the progress), choose the one they'd like to contribute to or create their own and invite their family and friends to contribute to it. The leaderboard also displays the teams' progress if you have enabled the "Teams" flag. The leaderboard includes a button and QR code a donor can click on or scan to start their own fundraiser and become a champion.

To find the link to the leaderboard, go to Manage > Peer to Peer > select the Peer to Peer campaign. Tap on the leaderboard link to open it in a new tab or download and print the QR code to share via printed invitations and flyers. You can also find a link to the leaderboard iFrame link here.

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