After your PayBee event, all reports are pre-generated for you! You will not need to do any additional paperwork.

Campaign Reports

Go to Reports > Campaigns to view activity campaign-wise. You can also view completed vs pending transactions.

All Donation Reports

Go to Reports > All Donations to get complete detailed information.

Set the date, set filters, and Columns. See donor data, fees, and more.

Transfer Report

Transfer reports show money as it gets transferred to your bank account. Transactions get batched on a daily basis and are sent.

Click on each line item to see the transactions that make the batch. In-Transit or Paid show the status.

  • Credit card transactions take 2-5 business days

  • ACH (bank account) transfers take 5-7 business days

Navigate to Reports > Transfers


We've created a video to help you navigate through our handy reporting section that will show you how to:

  • See how much money you've raised

  • How many guests attended

  • Follow up on pending pledges and send reminders

  • Log cash/check donations

  • Edit (add/delete) attendee carts

  • See the breakdown of fees paid (PayBee + CC fees)

  • See money being transferred into your account

  • And more!