During the Event
Quick guide for event day stuff

Handling Unique Scenarios

During the event, you might need to handle some situations. Here is a quick guide.

Edit donor carts

Mistakes happen, or donors just need your help. You can edit their cart for them.

Other donations

Some donors might want to send in checks. Tell them to respond to the pending cart reminders after the event and you can follow up with them. You can record it in PayBee when you receive the payment.

Video issues

If donors complain they can't hear the video, tell them to move the cursor to the video and unmute.
If "Video not available" shows up, it's probably blocked on the donors browser or computer. Have them try a different browser or device.


You can do the following with chat messages

In Case of Emergency

A PayBee team member will be available during the duration of your event. You will be connected to the rep before your event. Keep the information handy in case you need to get in touch.