Pledge Carts
Pledge carts store donors pledges, auction winnings and all their donation activity.
Navigate to Manage > Virtual Event > Attendees & Reports > Attendees
From there you can view carts, edit, make changes and send out cart reminders. You can also close carts against incoming checks.

Edit Carts

Break up payments

To split payments, remove extra items from the cart and sent out a reminder. Once that's processed, add the remaining amount to the cart and send out another reminder.

Send out cart reminders

Cart Reminders to All Attendees

To Send Cart Reminders to all attendees from virtual, in person and silent auctions that were closed outside of the event. Go to Reports> All Pending and Hit the Send Pending Pledge Reminder to All button

Cart reminder to a specific guest

Find the attendee in the virtual event, open the cart, and send out a reminder.
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