Donor How-Tos
Hello donors and guests! PayBee is one of the most intuitive and easiest-to-use systems out there! Watch these short videos to help you navigate your event. Hope you enjoy your experience as you support your causes.

RSVPs to a PayBee event

Join a Virtual Gala

On a Computer, Tablet or Mobile Device

Click on the blue JOIN EVENT button on the PayBee website once you’re taken to a browser from your email. This will automatically take you to the event.

Watch Party Mode - On TV and guest devices

For Group Viewing - Click on the blue JOIN EVENT button on your computer or phone like above, then
For Bidding on Guest devices - Each guest should click on the blue JOIN EVENT button they received via email. Tap the ... on the screen and select Watch Party. The video will turn off and they can participate in bidding and chat.

Participate in Silent Auction

Bid in a Live Auction

Close Pledge Cart

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