Ticket campaigns allow you to sell free or paid tickets. This type of campaign can also be used to sell Raffles at events
Navigate to Campaigns > New Campaign > Ticketing
Fill in all the necessary information as well as settings. A couple of settings to pay attention to are explained in the video.

Ticketing Settings

  1. 1.
    Send electronic tickets - Turn it on if you want to send a ticket along with the payment confirmation. This is useful if guests need to be checked in at the venue.
  2. 2.
    Enforce ticket inventory - If you want to control the number of tickets in each option, then turn this on.
  3. 3.
    Allow for multiple type selection - When turned on, guests can pick more than one option. This is useful when guests need to pick a few options like tickets and meals or do transactions at a food stall.
  4. 4.
    Collect guest information per ticket - Use this to collect information like meal preferences, phone numbers, and addresses for each guest.
Under Guest Information, you can add as many fields as you'd like. Choose from Type Text, Selection, Street Address, or Phone Number. Also, mark if they are required or optional fields. The name and email are always collected.

Ticketing Options

On the second tab, create an option for each type of ticket you would like to sell. You can sell individual or tickets with multipliers (example couples or tables), paid or free tickets. You can adjust the position as well.
Set Min and Max Qty to be a reasonable number that your guests are likely to choose.
Inventory keeps track of how many tickets of this option can be sold. In the image below, there are 100 tables. Each has 10 guests, so the total guests for this option are 100*10 = 1000 guests.
Value of goods would show in the tax receipt if the campaign is set to be tax-deductible in the General Settings.
Turn on Group Ticket when you need to provide more than 1 spot when the ticket option is purchased. Eg. In case of a couple, set Multiplier to 2, and 10 in case of a table for 10.
Turn on Enable Guest Invitation when the ticket purchaser needs to invite other guests. They will see an interface that allows them to keep track of the RSVPs on their ticket and share as necessary.
For more information about how to manage a ticketing campaign once tickets have been purchased please visit Manage >Tickets and Guests.
For more information on how your donors buy tickets and add guests please visit Donor How-Tos > Buy Tickets.
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