What is PayBee
PayBee is a modern platform that helps nonprofits achieve their fundraising goals.
PayBee gives you the options for Virtual, In-Person, or Hybrid events. In addition to this, your organization can create donation buttons and silent auctions that are available without an event and can be used at any time. We want to help nonprofit teams to work more efficiently by creating a simple yet powerful technology.
Our mission is to make user-friendly and collaborative products for all nonprofits and their donors, no matter what their technical bandwidth or organization size.
  • In-Person event - This event is held in person with your guests in attendance.
  • Virtual event - This event is held entirely online. Your donors can attend and donate while watching your event from a computer or mobile device.
  • Hybrid event - This event is a combination of virtual and in-person with your donors able to attend both in-person or virtually via their computer or mobile device. A hybrid event can also be an in-person event with tech touches like our Audience Monitor.

With PayBee

You can offer your donors the opportunity to:
  • Participate in a live or silent auction.
  • Donate via a variety of options such as Fund a Need, Last Hero, Paddle Raise, or via a simple donation button.
  • Buy tickets to your event as well as raffle tickets, drink tickets, food tickets, or tickets for opportunities like a wine pull.
PayBee can handle your organization's fundraising requirements. If you want to know if PayBee matches your needs, sign up for a demo and try it out yourself! Sign Up for a Live Demo.
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