Peer to Peer
Allows you to create a donation campaign your donors can use to set a goal and invite others to donate to your organization to help them reach that goal.
After adding the information and settings you can set the peer to peer settings.
  • Optional campaign goal - This is the goal for the current peer to peer campaign.
  • Hide custom amount - This removes the ability for your donors to set a custom amount for their donation.

Peer to Peer Options

Add different donation levels here. These will be the total donation your donors can set for their group to raise for your organization.

Peer to Peer leaderboard

The PayBee Peer to Peer leaderboard lets donors view all the existing fundraisers your champions have started (with information on the progress), choose the one they'd like to contribute to or create their own and invite their family and friends to contribute to it.
To find the link to the leaderboard, go to Manage > Peer to Peer > select the Peer to Peer campaign from the dropdown and tap Copy by Leaderboard and share it with all donors. If you'd like to embed the leaderboard in your webpage, tap Copy by the Leaderboard Iframe.