Navigate to Campaigns > New Campaign > Ticketing

Fill in all the settings, and pay attention to:

  1. Ticketing Settings > Send electronic tickets. Turn it on if you want to send a ticket along with the payment confirmation.

  2. Collect guest information per ticket. Use this to collect information like meal preferences for each guest.

Add Tickets

If you have preprocessed some ticket or just want to add a guest to your guest list, then navigate to Manage> Tickets and Guest > Add Ticket. Select the right campaign if you have multiple ticket campaigns.

Guest Assignment

In the case of Group tickets, if the guests have not sent the names of the guests, then the admin can add them or invite them.

Under tickets, click on the people icon and add the names of the guests. The Guests tab will show the full list of guests.

Or if you have invited them, then the names will show in Guests tab once they have accepted the invitation.

Table Assignment

Go to Manage > Tickets and Guests > Tables and Add Tables.

Then tap the people icon on Tables tab or pencil on the Guest name in Guests tab to assign a table to the guest.

Sending out Reminders

To send out reminders to all guests before an event, navigate to Manage > Tickets > Send Ticket & Reminder to All Guests.