Event Prep and Execution
Preload the Thermometer
Sending Reminders to Virtual Guests
Sending Reminders to In-Person Guests
Recording the Virtual Event
Video Issues
Reaching out to PayBee

Sending Out Event Reminders

Navigate to Manage > Events > click on the ... button under the Virtual Event > tap on Virtual Event Report and go to the Attendees tab.
Use the blue Send Join Reminder button on the right to send event reminders to all attendees in this list. We recommend sending out three reminders - 24 hours before the event, 4 hours before the event and 1 hour before the event.

Preloading the Thermometer

If you've already raised some funds from sponsorships, ticket sales, merchandise sales, etc. add them into one of your own carts. The event thermometer will reflect the amount.
Remember to delete these after the event, so your numbers are accurate.

Edit donor carts

Mistakes happen, or donors just need your help. You can edit their cart for them.

Other donations

Some donors might want to send in checks. Tell them to respond to the pending cart reminders after the event and you can follow up with them. You can record it in PayBee when you receive the payment.
Go to Manage > Virtual Events and click on the blue Run event under your event. This takes you to the Virtual Event studio or backroom.
Stay in the Lobby mode until you're ready to start your event

Starting your event

To start your event, simply click on Start on the top right corner of your screen. Before doing this, it is important to ensure that your live stream is up and running and stable so the audience does not experience any issues with video.
If you begin to notice issues after starting, simply go back to Lobby, fix your issues, and hit Start again when you are ready.
On the dashboard, you can track:
  • Time Elapsed
  • Goal
  • Users Online
  • Live pledges and bids activity
  • Ability to change pledge levels and auction lots
  • Close Auctions (Live and Silent)
  • Sell more items in Live Auction

Running your Event

In the start mode, select campaigns from the playlist.

Pledge Drive

To present a specific level from a Pledge Drive, simply select the campaign from the Playlist and present your desired level.
Hit the blue Clear button to get to default state with Sponsor Logos on the donor side.

Live Auction

Select the Auction Campaign
  • Bids can be seen in the Activity section
  • See the highest bidder in the Now Live section.
  • When you are ready to declare a winner, click on the Declare Winner button. This displays fireworks on the attendee screen.
  • Move on to the next item by presenting it or hit Clear to display the event information and sponsors on the attendee screen.

Selling the same auction item to multiple winners

If you have multiple items, set count in the Campaign settings, and Sell More

Last Virtual Hero

Start at the first level In Last Hero campaign. Keep moving up levels before you declare a winner.

Silent Auction

To close the silent auction, simply select the campaign from the Playlist and click the Close Auction button. When this happens, fireworks show up on the attendee screen and winners receive an email notification. If winners are present at the event, the items appear in their Pledge Carts. This action cannot be undone.

Ending your event

To end your event, click on End on the top right corner of your screen. Your attendees are still able to check out their carts and chat after the event ends.
Your live stream must end only AFTER ending your event on PayBee.

Recording your Event

If you're hoping to send your donor list a recap of your live event, here's how you can record your PayBee Virtual Gala!
Here are some programs we recommend to record:
Be sure to download these programs ahead of time and test using them during your rehearsal as well! This way you'll know exactly what to expect the day of the event.
PayBee team can record your event for a small fee. Reach out to us if you would like us to record for you.

Video issues

If donors complain they can't hear the video, tell them to move the cursor to the video and unmute it.
If "Video not available" shows up, it's probably blocked on the donor's browser or computer. Have them try a different browser or device.

PayBee Remote Support

By the time your event comes up, your entire team will be trained and ready. Along with that, you will have a dedicated rep on-call during your event. You will be connected to them via email 1-2 days before your event.

PayBee On-Site Expert

Some organizations prefer to have a PayBee Expert on-site during the event to supervise your team of volunteers and help them with technology as needed. The cost to have an expert is $899 + travel, meal, and hotel expenses.
If you are interested in having us attend your event, please let us know asap so we can reserve an expert for you. Email us at [email protected]